My sister told me after days of small talk that it’s “all good” with her mother in law. And “you know,” she spoke to ex friend during Ramadan.

All good when? I ain’t heard no apologies. I’m not gonna forget or forgive, I’m not gonna be nice for the sake of family or so-called friends.

I’m not sharing my heart with anyone I don’t deem worthy. I don’t need acceptance anymore. I am free, Alhamdulillah!

It would be different if my sister wanted to make amends with me HERSELF. but she wants to include all these fake, sacrilegious, narcissistic women who have nothing to do with me.

So obviously insincere.

Mom, dad, brother, Aliyah and a few close friends are enough, plus a husband insha Allah. Small circle, but at least I know what I’m getting.

Eff the drama. I’m just not gonna respond.


Everyone who has hurt you comes out of the dadgum woodwork, like a cross word had never been spoken.

My sister has been emailing me, trying to hold general conversation. My replies are decent, but short.

Then she tells me that her mother in law had hoped to see me during eid…

Uh, since when does your mother in law give a damn about seeing me? Oh that’s right, every since my mom blabbered to her that I’m getting married.

These folks owe me an apology, but they wanna see me? Get the eff outta here. All that automatic forgiveness I used to have is gone.

I know all the lyrics to Gossip Folks, and this situation calls for it.


"In seclusion, sleepless, tired, when will I run out of things to think about"

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Every night like this

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Why have I been buying Kroger sushi, while hibachi express is next door??



u readin this?

u a princess.

i dont care if youre a goddamn bodybuilder, ur now princess protein

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~Lost dog on Dexter’s Lab

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Nice town outside Fort Smith. Nice homes, etc.




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im so sorry you went through that sis. to be made to feel ashamed for who u are. u did not deserve that treatment. worst part is it affects the honour we feel for ourselves. i pray writing helps u let go and move on…

You know when no one else was there, you were strong enough to walk away. YOU did that. Alhamdulillah.

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I am sick and tired about how people are reacting to Ebola, JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS AFRICAN HERITAGE DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE EBOLA, TALKING TO AN AFRICAN AMERICAN ON THE PHONE SURE AS HELL WILL NOT GIVE YOU EBOLA! ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING THAT THE PERSONS FAMLIY COMES FROM THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE CONTINENT OF THE OUTBREAK AND HE HASNT BEEN TO AFRICA IN HIS LIFETIME. Stop being stupid, stop being ignorant. Stop talking about Ebola as if it is a joke. People are dying but no one gave a shit because they were from Africa. If Ebola didn’t kill them something else will kill them eventually, right? Have a heart and actually learn your facts, just because I was in Africa this summer DOES NOT mean I have Ebola- and if I hear one more person say “well why don’t we just send them back to Africa” I will literally explode

First of all, it has nothing to do with “ignorance” or facts. People aren’t assholes accidentally.

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